So guys I'm selling my mexistrat (black on black pick guard with maple neck, lace red white and blues, and the tremlo set up like gilmours), my not-that-great-at-all cheap Epiphone twelve string and Pod XT live. I'm doing this in order to simply my gear before I move home, and to get a decent acoustic set up to fool around with in my apartment and possibly play an open mic here or there. Plus, I can always buy my dream electric set-up after I start working later this year.

So after a little shopping, reading, and playing, I think I have come up with good little package and just wanted to run it by you guys to see if there are any red flags. This will be my first acoustic guitar so I went and played as many electric acoustic guitars in the $400-650 range I could find at GC and various other shops and decided that I really liked the sound and feel of the Yamaha GFX730SCA. I also wanted an amp and have decided to get the Roland AC-60 based on size, sound, and reviews I have read. Also, I've heard (though I am totally ignorant on the different pedals and their application towards acoustic guitars) from this guy that a compressor pedal was a must have so I thought about buying a BOSS CS-3.

My question for you guys (since I'm pretty much 100% sold on the Yamaha and Roland at this point) is whether or not I should get a compression pedal, and/or whether there are any other pedals I should consider. I really am ignorant when it comes to acoustic application of expression pedals (minus reverb/delay and chorus - which coincidently are already included with the Roland) and I figure you guys would help me out a little.

Oh and by the way, I'm gonna offer the guy at Guitar Center $900 for the amp, guitar, and pedal. Does this sound fair? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
I like a boss tuner chorus and delay and an occasional overdrive pedal to beef up the sound some poeple play with a wah but i dont.