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Anyways, I just got an adorably cute baby female parakeet.

What should I name her?

P.S. She's ten times cuter than the picture shows.
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Have to give you props that the funniest post I read in a while
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hazardmaster has won this thread.

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Shontie. You know, like Frusciante, only not.
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but u gotta say it with a cute accent like bee-rd
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Wow, she is mad cute. Call her Drib.
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what's the point in being "philiosophical"?

Interesting question...
Name her something like your favorite band, like Pantera, or Alice for Alice in Chains. Whatever appeals to you really.
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AKERFELDT....even though it's not a girl's name...nor a forename.

Okay, call her Melinda.
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Persephone... or maybe Pandora, or after a Greek/Roman god, like Aphrodite...

That's just me. Hell, I would name my first son Spartacus if I ever get the chance!
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call her Mike Litoris. i know its a guys name, but it has a good ring to it.
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but u gotta say it with a cute accent like bee-rd

you mean like... beard?
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My parakeets names are flapper and zelda. They annoy the hell out of me and wont let me sleep in. Name it feathers.
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So you can say, hey theres flying sh*t

lol, "who gives a sh*t?!" *bird flys past your head*

as i say in all "what should i name..." threads:

Vicious Defender Of My Room And Other Belongings.

or VDOMRAOB for short.

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windshield wiper.

...but seriously, i dunno. just pick some girls name, like mary or shannon?
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Bob... Name her Bob

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Name her something like your favorite band, like Pantera, or Alice for Alice in Chains. Whatever appeals to you really.

^ I like that. My other suggestions:

Dory (name of an adorable bird I watched for a few days, and also name of blue fish in Finding Nemo)
Saphira (name of dragon with blue scales in Eragon series)
Calypso {sea goddess in Pirates of the Caribbean... you could call her Cali for short or something, sounds cute)
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I love that commercial...
you got soul, or so you say. hey, i say you don't!

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Name it "Penis".

Just you could say stuff like, "Wanna pet my little penis?" or "Penis bit me."

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Huh, I rather like that name.

*reserves for when I get a bird*

Oh, uh, as for my contribution, name it Macy or Sammi. Do it nao!
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