Well I'm sort of bored and was wondering if the many members of the pit had any great stories from when they were drunk.

Mine isn't really great, and I wasn't drunk either at the time but anyway..

It was about 6:30 PM and me and a couple friends had been wandering around town and a few of them wanted to get drunk, so we all went aroud asking people we knew to but us so liquor. Well after many fruitless attempts we ended up at a McDonalds where some of my friends worked, and I bought some fries, they were good. Well with many unsuccesful attempts my one buddy asked his boss if she would walk over to the store and buy him some booze, she laughed said no and continued work (there was nobody else in the store). Just then I see some ragged looking man sitting outside and pointed at him and said to one of my buddies "hey why don't you ask him".

After I say this, the guy looks at us stands up and started shouting, so another friend goes out there and starts talking to him. about twenty minutes later we had our liquor and we had gotten to know a bum travelling around Canada, his name was Jole. We got drunk on a highway, bad idea
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Fun stuff never happens when I'm drunk, I basically just sit in a corner and laugh my ass off
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yeah i have one!

i was hanging out with some friends last weekend. one of them had way too much and i wound up staying up until four AM holding a bucket for him to make sure he didnt puke on his sisters carpet and get caught. because i was up until 4, i got sick and now ive been sick since last monday. it was awesome!

this is why i dont drink.
last night i puked during sex which i couldnt remember... i pretty much wanted to kill myself today
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One night a bunch of us were playing beer pong, and bunch of people had too much. Nothing really crazy. A couple snuck off and started making out in the little closet where the hot water heater was (the left over space amounts to the square footage of a shoebox, HTF they got in there is lost on me). One guy went outside with his shirt off (middle of winter, cold as balls) and started screaming at traffic. One guy threw up in my buddies shoes (like, inside them), and another guy pissed in the same shoes. Someone passed out on the couch and we drew all over him with sharpie.. didn't notice till after he went to the store the next day (naturally, it was all stuff like "Drunk bastard" and "I love c**k" etc).

Just the usual drunken hijinks
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a few months ago, me and my friend went up to visit my sis at college, at her apartments. Anyways, when we got there, there were probably like 30 people in her apartment, so me and my friend found my sis, and then proceeded to take a few shots to get goin, then played huge games of flipcup for like an hour. SO we were feelin pretty good by now, and then my sis and her friends took us to this house party that had 2 kegs. Long story short, my friend did a keg stand, then i did mine, and it was going great, i went for like 45 seconds, and then when the guy let my feet down, this big ass guy happened to be in the same place as my feet when i was being lowered, and i nailed him in the face and knocked him down. Naturally he was drunk, as was I and he started trying to fight me(he was huge) so anyway, I just kept trying to get out of it and then ended up just kindof walking off and back into the house and had a great time!
Umm... I don't drink anymore, and I never really drank much when I did... but here's my story.

I was camping with my family and a friend's family for a few days. On the last night, some people occupy the campground next to us, and they ask us for some wood, because we had the remains of our neighbor's garage. So we bring them down some of the wood that was in my dad's truck, and then they offer him some vodka. And my friend and his brother went down to help, so they offered us some vodka and whiskey too. My dad said we couldn't have any. Skip a few hours, and one of my friend's parent's friends comes over, and he's like a redneck. So our parents go to sleep, and it's us and this guy, and he tells us that if we feel like drinking he'll just say that he drank it all. He falls asleep and we don't drink anything. So then we walk down to that other campsite, and ask them if they were serious about the vodka. It was homemade. It hurt going down because we just drank it straight. And we stayed at their campsite just drinking this vodka until our parents yell for us, so we go up to our campsite. I had the most and was pretty drunk, so we just go to sleep, but I had to piss. Then the button on my pants broke, so I just slept. We woke up a few hours later, and I was still pretty drunk, and my parents tell me to walk all the way to the front gates to get trash bags. So I had to walk through the entire campgrounds partially drunk with broken pants.

That's mostly it. I went to a concert once and we were in the parking lot drinking, but I wasn't because the night before I had gotten extremly drunk, so I was still sick. My sister was one of the designated drivers, but she got too drunk and passed out in the middle of the concert. So we had to leave the show early while my sister went to the hospital. And we had a 45 minute drive back home. And the driver of the car I was in was getting high, along with the other passengers. I was kind of scared.

I don't like drinking. I start to regret it and think of how I'm messing everything up, and what all my friends would think of me if they knew, because none of them drink.
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