I don't remember ever seeing a thread for this. If there is one, my apologies.

Thought it'd be nice to have a spot to discuss Canadian bands in the genre.

I'm not going to go and make a big list, but I think my favorite is probably Moneen. I've been getting into Choke lately too.

What are some of your favorite Canadian bands?

Hopefully we can get past Simple Plan and Sum 41.
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these silhouettes are one of the besttt

check them out when you get a chance

I've seen them 3 times. Opening for Bayside, then Anberlin, then Protest the Hero.

They are pretty good for their age.
^yeah dude they are rad, you must be from canada ive never heard of them playing the US i really wish they would
alexisonfire is pretty much headed in that direction.

also city and colour

uhh and kid gib
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Arcade Fire is the best band from Canada I reckon.

I like Alexis and C+C as well though.
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treble charger have always been a favourite Pop-punk band of mine. City and Colour is cool, too. And Gob.