Yesterday I picked up my guitar to play crazy train and I couldn't play the the opening riff. I tried playing any song and i just couldn't
it was like I was a guitar retard for the day.
Then i pick it up the next day and play the whole song with out a sweat.

Happens to me a lot when I go to record. I eventually figure it out, but I pick up my guitar at home later and play it immediately with no problem at all.
Yes. It just happened to me the other day. The song escapes me right now, but it was an easy song, I was listening to it then picked up my guitar and my fingers didn't know where to go, my mind just went blank, then it came to me later that night. Its annoying.
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It's happened to me quite a few times. I just completely forget some notes but then they come back to me later on
I thought you were going to say: "Have you ever just forgot?.....ABOUT THE GAME (you just lost it). Anyways.

Of course, its part of being human. Just like you forget phone numbers or putting names with faces. Specially when you've been working on other new stuff. Sometimes i cant even get them back by ear and have to look it up again.

Mind you, I think I've developed an adulthood version of ADD... I'll sit down to do something and forget what it was I was going to do, or I'll go to burn a CD and will momentarily forget which program I open to burn disks... even though I've done it a thousand times before.

It couldn't be Alzheimers... not yet.

Could I get some more talent in the monitors, please?

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happens to everyone, by a certain time in your guitar knowledge, you have such an archive of riffs it gets easy to forget them
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Yep but if worst comes to worst, a quick glance at the tab and it all comes back.
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