Ok so I'm 13 and i dont have the choice of doing what I want, really, and my parents are divorced. (actually they were never married but w/e)

My mom bought me and her tickets to go see Metallica/Pearl Jam/Jack Johnson/Willie Nelson. However, the tickets just HAD to be on the weekend of ... FATHER'S DAY.

So when my mom told me that I was like "F*** S*** C*** B***** ***** and **** and ** so go **** urself and ***** your mother, etc." We're planning on having my friends mom call my dad and say she bought the tickets for me and that I don't know about it and that the concert is on my friends birthday weekend and he would be heartbroken if I couldn't go and the tickets were 210 bucks and so on...

If that doesn't work to get me to go, what should I do?
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go you idiot! go see ur dad some other time!

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GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!, im so jealous.
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Is this question even necessary to ask? GO.
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Seeing a bunch of people you don't personally know play music is much more important than spending time bonding with your family.

Go to the concert.
Fer sher I'm goin, its just that how should i get my dad to LET me go, since hes the custodial parent, its up to him
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