What are good household cleaning products that can be used on a guitar?

And does this apply yo acoustic to or are there different things to clean acoustic with?

(Do NOT tell me to buy a guitar cleaning kit.)
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^ hah but they sell this thing for like 2 bucks called power chord and it works like a bitch. its amazing and leaves your guitar with a lemony after smell
I used some random wood spray on my old Squier acoustic. Nothing bad ever happened. A dude at a music store told us it would work fine. But I think it might be better to just buy a proper cleaning kit with oil for the fretboard and all that stuff.
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maybe a furniture polish, thats what I use on mine.
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I generally just use a soft cloth dampened with plain old tap water. For the fretboard, if it is really grunged up, I will use a plastic scrubbie dampened with plain tap water. Never dripping wet though.

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Lemon Pledge furniture polish is good on finished wood surfaces. Not for oiled fretboards though.