My wah's tone suddently went to "0" and when i move the pedal up and down, it doesn't change. How do I fix this?
No, it's plugged with a wall adaptor....I turn it on and the tone goes to 0 ( clapton-esque woman tone) It won't change.
is the little toothed thing attached to the other toothed thing on the pot?
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is it a Dunlop then thats how its supposed to sound, all joking aside check the inside of your wah, take a pic of it and post it.
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Im working on a Vintage ColorSound Wah that is doing something similiar. It basically sounds like a volume pedal. Took it apart checked everything even re-soldered some stuff checked all the resistors and such. Still doesnt work.... Wish ya luck...
I'll check, but yeah, dunlops aren't great. I'm saving up for a vox wah ATM.

PS: Plugged in right, toothed things are connected and internally it looks like it did before it broke.
Maybe you need to change the wah pot? Dunno, but worth a shot if you can't get it to work.
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