i want to know how to make a home made fuse. it can be anything as long as it acts like a fuse. me and my friends want to experiment making smoke bombs but i need some fairly long fuses. i cant get my hands on any potasium nitrate so gunpowder is out of the question but anything else will work. I dont want to just dip something in alcohol either. thanks to all who help!

actually is there anwhere in a small town where i could get potasium nitrate.
bit of string
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Nail Polish remover freeze it in long sticks, and stick em it, careful extremely flamable
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Smoke bomb. Sure.

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lmao "string" great help guys any other suggestions?
would sparklers work better if i ground them up then mixed them with water and dipped string in it or would that ruin it?
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k im not going to bomb a school me and my friend want to make a smoke bomb out of a ping pong ball search it on youtube it is really cool.