Has anyone every seen it? It was a movie that came out in limited theaters and had a really cool cartoon style. I really wanted to see it but never got around to it.
i read the book. worst peice of **** ever written
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Wow, that came out a long time ago. It made me dizzy watching it though.

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It's actually a book by Philip K Dick.

It's a really good adaptation. Follows the main story pretty well.

The style is cool, they filmed it with digital cameras then animated over the top of the original or something like that.
Yeah, I watched it a while ago. Funnily enough, I was really high as I was watching it.

I think it's a great movie. I'd love to read the book, even though I hear Philip Dick is anti-drugs.
That movie was the biggest mindf**k I've ever see. It was really good.