Hey Hey. So, I had a crappy old scales book that taught me scales by giving me all the boxes and having me learn 'em individually, then I put them together. This worked great, and I learned scales fast. Now I'm having a problem. I have a haaard time shifting the entire scale to change the key. I mean...I just can't. I have a hard time seeing all the boxes as one to move it all at once. When they are exactly where I learned them, I have no problem going up and down the scales. But move it? Another story. So, I just need help. I need a new way to relearn the scales, or a new way to look at them. Thank you.
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i got this book recently called Basix Scales & Modes for guitar n for some reason that helped me learn em so much better than any other book plus they have what those scales r for like if its best used in jazz, rock, country, metal, etc...its prety kool but try moving it up to any fret n just get used to doing it there n then u should have no prob moving it
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Hey Hey. Thanks for the quick reply. I'll give that site and that book a look.
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Ah yes thats where learning the box shapes can hurt you. Id suggest learning each scale on the single strings up and down the neck. That way you can transition and connect all those shapes you learned MUCH easier.


That site you posted is crazy awesome, Nice job man, seriously think im going to spend most of my day messing around with some scales.

And dont be discouraged, im horrible when it comes to moving scales all fast like. But im working on it.
Cool man!

Try and apply them to some sort of backing track or a simple chord vamp that brings out the scales tone. It's a bit more inspiring that way and it gets your ear used to targeting the strong notes.