Last week at practice I got a little crazy and used a cowbell for a guitar slide....well, now a few frets up around 12 and 13 on the higher strings have grooves or little divots in them....when I bend there it kind of catches and what not....Any suggestions to buff them down or something? I'd hate to re-fret it, guitar is not even a year old yet....
You might just need a recrowning. Take it somewhere to see.
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theres no where within reasonable driving distance, I live in iowa....but Im pretty handy with tools, I wonder if theres a Dremel attachment that would smooth it out...?
buy wet-dry sandpaper (black stuff)
220 - 320 - 400 - 600

and 0000 steel wool.

polish them, , 220, 320, 400, 600, then steel wool. they will look brand new. make sure you polish each side of the fret evenly so you dont **** up your crown. should be alright. make sure you tape off all thge wood on your fingerboard or else youll **** it up.