So My band and I are doing a demo for the first time, and we didn't have a good way to record real drums, so we are using a keyboard and the Garageband drm sounds. We keep on kind of getting off beat, and im wondering what the best order to record is.
btw, the song is based around the guitar
first of all METRONOME on everything
& generally drums -> bass -> guitars -> vocals

but do whatever works
this will take some getting used to if none of you have ever practiced playing your songs alone with a metronome, & don't hesitate to let one guitarist play all parts if he can & the other player can't cut it
or, record drums with one (or two) guitar playing as a guide, you can sing too if that helps.

Then dont delete those guitar tracks (if they are fair decent) and record bass with them. And then record guitars.

Recording drums with a keyboard will take a lot of practice for whoever is doing them, Wont be easy. You can always get a tight verse/chorus and copy-paste it and make some minor changes for variation.

Get a basic beat down first, and then work on the foundation. Drums, then guitar/bass, usually vocals last.

Then polish it up.
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