ok so last week i was in disney land with my family, one day i saw minnie mouse waving high to me, i thought she was like asking me to like you know . so i was like HELL YES I WILL. so i asked my folks to go to the bathroom. so me and minny ran off to the staff room which was empty except for the creepy old guy sitting on the cough. so we stripped and started doing it. then i realized that there was something going up my a**. it turned around and the chick in the minnie costume had a wang the size of the eifel tower.
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This was so funny that I'm going to report it.

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Badreligionrock is the man.

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Badreligionrock you have the greatest avatar of all time. Rejected is the best video. Period.

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Noooooooooooo how could this be! he at all the chocolate in the box
Oh well, now the empty shell of what used to be chocolaty goodness can contain a tasty guitar circuit.

speaking of my homemade pedal
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i agree