Ok, so i'm studying modulations and stuff.
And in protest the hero's Bone Marrow, right after the little riff that sounds like a harmonic minor thing, it sounds like it modulates into some other key or scale or whatever, does anyone know? It just sounds really darn neat, and i want to know what he does. It's incredibly obvious as to what i'm talking about, you can tell the huge difference at the beggining right after that little harmonic minor piece. any help?

Here's the link in case you want to take a listen:
Can you pinoint the specific time in the song you are talking about? Theres so many different 'bits' in this song (damn prog) I have no idea what one you are talking about.
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lol haha, yeah, it's right after the harmonic minor piece at the VERY beginning.
at about 19 seconds.
And they do other stuff in the song, but i'm just interested in that part, it sounds really good.
i'm not sure, but i'm guessing they move up one half step in key?
I don't want to figure the key, that's just what it sounds like.
Am I right? Wrong?