so im looking at Digitechs death metal pedal. Does anyone know if its good or not? Thanks
Dont, you should go for
Boss MT-2
Boss EQ- 20
together there is no better distortion
with/o true tube distortion
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Quote by BAoxymoron
Dont, you should go for
Boss MT-2
Boss EQ- 20
together there is no better distortion
with/o true tube distortion

Wow, that's expensive. He'd be better of with:
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Damage control, Anolog Distortin

But I have the feeling that if he's looking at an $80 Digitech pedal, he's not in the right demographic for that.

I'd advise the Metal Muff. It tends to win the "best metal distortion under $100" award.

But if you're feeling open minded...I'd advise looking into amps. What do you have right now?
In my band there's two guitarists, we play metal. I have a EHX metall muff, the my mate has a boss mt-2 metal zone thing. decide between those two they are the best non valve pedals
I've tried the Death Metal and the Metal Master.

both are meh.

Get the Metal Muff as mentioned before, it's great.
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I'm liking my metal muff. Best metal pedal ever.
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I have a digitech death metal pedal, DONT get it. Its not worth its price, its soooo fuzzy and inaudible.You're better off getting something like a fuzz factory or metal muff IMO.
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im planning to get a second muff
one for rythum and the other for lead
its really cool it offers the same distortion all round
except if you mess with the EQ that changes the distortion more that the Distortion knob'
the distortion knob is really just for more fuzz
The Death Metal should be called the Black Metal IMO, because that's the only sound you are going to get out of it.
A metal band?
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yah i havent tried a digitech but ive heard that the
and EHX metal muff are bettor

when it comes to those two pedals i wouldnt say one is bettor than the other
i would just say they both have there pros and cons
I have the Digitech Death Metal and Grunge, I've had a Metal Zone, my brother has a Metal Muff...

Personally, I think the DM sounds pretty good, if you EQ it right. If you turn the mids up past 7 they get buzzy. If you turn them below 5 you get poop tone. Other then that, it's decent sounding. It's also not very versatile, it does one thing well, t3h br00t4lz.

If you're interested, I'll sell you my DM pedal. The DM and Grunge are the same except the controls, I find myself using my Grunge with an EQ pedal as a mid-boost, so I can turn the gain down a bit and still boost my mids.
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the Digitech Death Metal pedal is a load of ****...my friends have it and it sounds terrible, believe me on that one. If ou want a good Metal distortion go with the Boss MT-2, or the Boss ML-2, which has incredible distortion but no mids.

here are links with more information:

Boss Metal Zone (Boss MT-2):

Boss Metal Core (Boss ML-2):
I used to own a Digitech Death Metal Distortion. I liked it when I first had it, but I had just started playin, and had a sh*tty practice amp. My advice, dont get it. If you are just starting out it might seem fine to you, but after you play for awhile you will come to hate the thing. Its very fuzzy and harsh sounding. I would go with something else, everyone here seems to really like the Metal muff, although I have never played it myself.
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Death metal pedal is NOT worth it. A Boss NoiseGate can't get rid of the fuzz out of it because it's so digitaly dissoriented (Why I wanna get a good tube amp with good distortion). An analog distortion would be where it's at so you aren't going to get a digitally voiced sound.
I don't like it it's too distorted.
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