Hey, i recorded this all yesterday using garageband.

I'm playing the 2 guitars and the bass, but the drums are done on the computer.

it's my second song, and i know its a bit scrappy (i have to re-record it) and it gets a bit repetitive.

please listen to the whole song as the second half is different.

im asking for constructive criticism. thanks

the song is in my profile.

Ive been told I can be a real a-hole on some of my crits but Ill try to be gentle.

Ok. You know its repetitive so right of the bat that should be fixed.

As a matter of fact IF YOU feel the song is repetitive then fix it before we crit it....basically give us the good stuff. No one cares if its 50 seconds long, but that your offering something close to your best that makes it easier for us to evaluate what your doing and how to do it.

Next off is your lead is way to loud in the mix. Your lead sounds less lead like and something that should fit in under the rhythm guitar as a backing lead. Why? The lead guitar is currently to stiff and repeating.

On the intro try "loosing" up your rhythm a little get that right hand a little looser its robotic. I will assume your just begining to play guitar (or at least write your own stuff) and right when you hit that record button you stiffen up...happens to alot of folks lol.

Just remember to keep your foot tapping to the beat and dont rush the strums. Usually this happens becuase you think youll be off and your anticapting the beat. Just tap the toe and strum....its a time effiency thing, after a short period of playing this tune the chords and changes will come at you alot slower.

So start with the intro say 8 measures and just use that as a template to the other parts. This should cut the song down some and then you can start adding other things later.

Stay on this for awhile but dont let it bog you down...mess with it a little and start on something else.

I hope I showed a kindler gentler me.
If you check my profile song please leave a comment on any part.....THANKS!!!