My computer is being over run with apparently Trojans and spyware. All the programs Windows tells me to install and run cost money to get rid of the virus'. Anyone got any programs that get rid of them for free? All the normal ones I run don't seem to be working.
Sounds like you could use a harddisc wipe and start over

Try DBAN give it quick erase then re-install windows
spybot search and destroy has saved my computer from near death a few times.
Norton Security works pretty good.
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As mentioned, AVG should fix the problem. One of the best free programs around IMO.
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AVG antivirus...free and works great for me.
you might want to look into getting spybot and adaware as well...both free and can clean up and improve your computer
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NOD32 definitely, its the best IMO i used to have AVG and it was nothing compared to NOD. It costs though, so ur gonna have to get a crack or pay for it.
I know Best Buy recommends Spy Sweeper, and I've used it since they told me about it. It's always served me well.
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ive got panda antivirus i think its good.
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