I want to get an acoustic-electric guitar. I would like to spend no more than $600 but i also want something pretty decent and i want to hear your suggestions. I like Takamines and Ovations, as long as they aren't too weird looking. I prefer the smaller concert size over dreadnoughts, and it has to have a cutaway. I would also prefer it not be a Yamaha or Ibanez, I don't know why, I just don't like them. I would also prefer black over natural color.

Thanks In Advance
Quality on some ovations are suspect. The american made ones, however, are solid guitars.

Takamines are great for plugging in. they're definitely worth looking into.

I would personally look into Seagull guitars. Amazing canadian craftsmanship, sound, and playability. With your price range, this is where i'd look.
I suggest seagull too
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Takamine, i love mine, and i paid like 250 for it. So a more costly one would probably be better. The best acoustic i have ever played was a Washburn, all black, non electric, so maybe try one out that is electric, see what you think and let me know cause im curious now.
Am new at playin guitars but i used to work on selling acoustics and i can give u one piece of advice... i always found that Fender makes the best acoustic and acoustic electric guitars, u really can't go wrong when buyin them
hope that i helped u out
err... i dont know man. theres a general hate for fender acoustics around this forum. i've never tried one before, but fender acoustics get very mixed reviews ranging from good to mediocre.
alright well i think im gonna go with takamine. i havent heard anything bad about them and they seem pretty nice

thanks all