I have to stay awake tonight to study for a test and type a paper and i dont know how
coffee doesnt work well with me. what should i do to stay awake?
Change your socks and shirt, then wash your face. You'll feel refreshed.

Honestly, coffee and energy drinks don't do anything for me. Do 20 push ups and sit ups, that wakes me up.
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Um. Drink loads of caffeinated/sugary drinks, watch a movie that gets you always on the watch like something that gets your adrelaine (bad spelling) going ..haha. best of luck.

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teh pronz
Cut your little toe off; the pain should keep you awake for a few hours, and you won't lose enough blood to pass out.
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I've heard that eating an apple will help you stay up better than by something with lots of (fake) sugar.

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does anybody have a sitar?
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Exercise, take a shower, or breath real deep several times. The last thing sounds dumb, but if you take a few deep breaths every once in a while it gets more oxygen to your brain and you feel refreshed.
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Have a light on in your face, it slows down your brain from making the chemical that puts you to sleep

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alot of Mt Dew and Day Quil
If I need to stay up, I just cut the tv on, and turn it up some. It is impossible for me to fall asleep then.
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Cut your little toe off; the pain should keep you awake for a few hours, and you won't lose enough blood to pass out.

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nobody has said fap!?
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Tea! Or get a hold of some ginseng pills. They'll keep you up more efficiently then caffine and you won't crash afterwards. Plus, it feel like natural energy, not a rush of it
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Take the capo off your guitar and place it on your ballsack.

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when you're feeling tired, look at some porn. don't masturbate though. i can imagine that being horny will keep you awake longer than a good fap.
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Once it's over, you0ll be 3x more tired and will fall asleep..

I suggest an apple..I heard somewhere that it's more efficient than cofee
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eat a raw ginsing root that will keep you awake tonight.... and the next few nights.
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