puttin your zune through your effects chain.

i bought an adaptor so i could plug it into my my pedals and amp.
plugging into my gt-6 i was usin my wah on all the songs and i did synth stuff on it too.
i use all of it, distorion, chorus, reverb, exc.

the best is when you do metal music like the intro to blood and thunder it actually sounds like the intro has a wah in it.

it sounds funnier than ****!

im not high, just grounded.
and bored......
That actually does sound like fun.

Next time my friend brings his pedal over, it'll be fun times.
Who dat?
I have a DigiTech RP100 pedal. It's awesome when you use the whammy effect and can drop the whole song down a step. I like the chorus effect too.
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Rage Against The Machine ran through the DigiTech Whammy, one octave up.

It sound like the chipmunks yelling "KILLIN IN THE NAME OF!"
Just that intro part where Zach yells that is hilariously amazing
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heck yeah its gonna be heavy its gonna be in Drop A tuning and the opening line of the CD will be like Worship god

and then the pope just does a freakin brutal breakdown
or using a GNX4 and making prank phone calls to people using the voice pitch shifter. it sounds like you're the devil


lol, lotta fun
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