1. Should I repot the pickups, solder them onto the covers, and then repot? Or skip the first potting and repot them after I have soldered the covers on?

2. Should I remove the tape around the pickup before I stick the cover on?

3. If the pole pieces aren't quite coming through the cover holes, is it ok to raise the pole pieces, or will that ruin the sound of the pickup?

4. After I've dipped the pot in and had all the bubbles come out, am I supposed to let the wax strain out of the covered/uncovered pickup, or am I supposed to keep as much wax in the pickup as possible?

5. I've heard that some people tape the pickup lugs before they stick the cover on. Does that enhance the results of the potting, or is that unnecessary. If so, what tape would you use.

I'm sorry for all the questions, but I just want to have everything to work out perfectly.