yesterday i just changed my A and D strings with new strings that came bundled with the guitar(starcaster guitar strings) and today they make a weird rattling/buzzing noise from the 1st fret to 9th, but doesnt make the noise after those frets. i had already changed all the other strings except those 2 with the replacement strings but these are the only 2 that did that
did u change them out wrong possibly? idk im just guessin.
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Are the strings thicker than the original ones?

In any case I think you need to raise the bridge on your guitar, there's a sticky thread here that's helpful or you could just google "raise guitar bridge"
He might be a beginner. You should have your guitar setup by a professional if you haven't already. Call a local music shop and ask them the price, for just a fret buzz problem I wouldn't pay over $20.
ive seen this problem before on the guitars my school has (crappy acoustics not even worthy of walmart) i think it has somthin to do being strung wrong