hey everyone. i am going to buy a new guitar and i was wondering what everyone thought. i was thinking of getting a epiphone les paul ultra II and was wondering what everyone thought of them. i was also looking though at all the other guitars (700 and down) and was wondering if anyone had any other good suggestions for guitars. maybe an ESP? if anyone has any thoughts on this that would be great (ex. brands to stay away from and what not) it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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sound type? aka bands you like
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hah. o gosh. anything really but country. im looking though to buy more of a rock guitar. i already have an ibanez artcore. a wonderful hollow body guitar so i want something different.

i like BNL, Counting Crows, BNL, coldplay, classic rock, some metal, basically everything in tone

so for tone i want a rock guitar. does that help?
hmmmm.....something along the lines of an Ibanez prestige series???
They're pretty good guitars, give one of those a shot. and ESPs are mainly metal guitars, so go with those if you're playing Metal and ONLY metal.

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