I have been playing alot of A7X lately and they tend to do this chord alot

and it sounds lower than


How can that be? It sounds a half step lower but i know its higher because its 6 frets up? Can someone explain why this is? Im really confused.....
Your ear probably just inst trained well enough to really tell.

Nitpickedit: thats not a chord, its a double stop
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It really is a half step away. You're playing a D power chord there and then a C#. It's more natural for your ear to associate the C# as being a half step down than 11 half steps up. I can make it sound either way in my head when I play it, depending on which note of the second power chord I choose to accent in my head.

Now try playing a D power chord starting 5th fret A string and then move it down a half step so it's a C#. There's where you get the half step lower feel from.
Quote by Azraels March
i always thought those were just upside down power chords

It is, it's also a double stop. Double stop just means two strings played at the same time, usually refers to two strings across the same fret for some reason
they sound allright if you use them well.

Go Into the Water-Dethklok has alot of those in there.
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