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Hello, I was wondering what this was. I get this pain sometimes, almost to the point where I can't take it anymore, in my back under my left shoulder-blade. Could this be because one of my ribs are out of place or is it more of a problem of the muscle catagory.
If ur ears aint ringin...ur doin it wrong

try stabbing the place where it hurts. get a friend to do it if you cant reach.

seriously dude, ask a doctor or parents.
you can get an adjustment for under $50. if it doesn't go away in about a week go get one and see if it helps.
People should get bannings and warnings for these threads.

Or the should be a one and only medical help thread.
It's AIDS. No other solution I can think of.

Enjoy whatever time you have left.
it's both.

when a rib or disc is out of place, your muscles try and compensate, but aren't nearly strong enough = pain.

I am an MD, but go to a chiropractor regularly, every week.

get it checked out - since it's the stiffest part of the back, it's the easiest to fix.

good luck.
^^ LOLZ and i agree. See a real doctor dude...
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