it's made in japan but is the quality really good?Like are the frets done well and stuff so i could have low action without fret buzz.
oh yea would it be of better quality then an LTD Alexi 600?
99% of guitars made in Japan are of superior quality, I'd say that the RR models would be of great quality since Jackson makes good guitars. Jacksons come set up out of the factory at 2mm string to fret gap at the 12th fret, which is pretty low as it is.

Not sure if it's better than an Alexi Laiho model but appearance-wise, they're pretty much the same.
Oh yeah. The ESP is only priced at what it is because of the name Alexi on it. Otherwise it would sell for 500. The Jackson gets you a bridge pickup, and you can get kickass finishes if you wanna pay a little more.
They're the exact same guitar except the Jackson has better pickups.

You could sit there going between the two trying to figure out which one plays better but the fact that the Jackson has way more tonal depth just screams to be bought. That and you're not gunna look like an idiot by playing someone's signature guitar.
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