Im thinking of getting either a red, blue or black hss strat and i was wondering what kind of fretboard looks better to you? I think the maple looks better because it matches the headstock but i was wondering how each affects sound. Also, which one do you think feels better? Will a maple one get dirty with use easier?
I don't think fretboard wood really affects sound much at all. I think maple looks nicer on strats, but I like the feel of rosewood much more.
maple looks a lot nicer, but rosewood feels and sounds better, imo.

gotta try it yourself.
I prefer the high gloss maple for looks and it's slightly sharper tone. Some guys have an issue with glossy laquer finish because they say it slows them down, but it doesn't affect me. I guess it just depends on what you are used to.

A quick clean everytime you change strings prevents it from getting dirty.... no big deal.
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My strat has a maple neck. I have another guitar with a rosewood (strat copy) and I definately prefer maple. It looks better, plays faster and doesnt get as nasty
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I love maple fretboards. They're sexy.

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This is weird most people on this thread agreed on Maple being better to them. When i read review for a Natural Lite Ash Strat with a Maple fretboard everybody that bought it said they changed the neck to Rosewood because Maple sucks......
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Maple, I find it to be pretty quick, faster than the other rosewood guitars I have. Its a new american standard.