It seems to be good.
You could look around different stores for the same one but lower pricing.
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billy hyde is an australian shop, in case you dont know. looks real nice and im pretty sure yamaha do a good bass. id say its worth it
I know things are more expensive in AUD, but I don't think that's too great of a price. I've seen those go for around $350-$400 CDN used... so about $483 AUD.
Just a warning if you're outside Australia... Customs/Postage and what not is usually a bitch to pay though and by the time you've paid for it all sometimes you've paid even more than what you could've gotten locally.
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It's a nice bass

and Im Mr. Hates Yamahas

my mate has the 4 string version Im sure, and it's the only Yamaha I've ever enjoyed playing

but AUS $639

I dunno, seems expensive, even by UK standards, and here musical equipement is pretty expensive....

if you like it, buy it, but first please, try it

holy cow,I made a rhyme!!!
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i had the lower model to start on, enjoyed it, but i don't know how reliable they can be (mine started buzzing like mental after a year of playing it)
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