well i mute out the strings below the one i am pulling off on by resting my index finger (which is usually the finger i use on the lower note) across them.

So if i was going to play 9p7, i would fret the 7 with my index and rest it across all of the strings below that one, so if my finger hits them when pulling off, it wont ring.
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Try slightly plucking the string as you pull off (with the finger that you're pulling off with). I don't mean like directly pluck it, but pull off at an angle, not straight up. You'll get it in no time, trust me .

EDIT: Sorry, I misunderstood the question. Yea, just like the guy above said, mute the other strings with your finger. Although I really don't see why they would ring out unless you played them seconds before.
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practice, its mostly all muscle memory, it will come with good practice.

and umm kind of barre the strings below to mute it.