I played some low-end Yamaha acoustics today and the damn things sounded awesome.

Specifically the models I'm looking at are the FG700S and the FG730S.

I haven't played the FG730S, but the 700S sounded great, especially for the price.

The only real difference between the two is the price and that the back and sides on the 730S are made of Rosewood as opposed to Nato.

So is the difference between rosewood and Nato really that pronounced? Or should I save the hundred and just go with the FG700S?

I know nothing about acoustics and this'll be my first, so I could use the help.

Thanks guys!
My suggestion would be to go with the 700S, because it is the one that you played and liked. The FG730S may not sound as good to you/play as well, you know never know.
Yeah, I was thinking that, too. But I think I could find a 730S somewhere in the city.

But I really want to know the biggest differences before I buy, since they seem to be so minimal.
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Rosewood has a slightly warmer tone, which is more full bodied. A 'deeper' tone than nato.
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That's pretty much what I expected, actually. I'm glad my thoughts were right.

Thanks for your help.
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I bought the 700 as a first guitar. After 2 years, and another more expensive guitar, I use the 700 at all my shows. I love the sound and versatility that guitar has.

Excellent choice for a guitar.
When I played the bursted model of the 700, it did feel really good. And the sound was definitely best for the price-range--but I've read that the nato isn't really highest quality.

I figure a more recognizable wood like rosewood might yield better tones.
Hm, I just came back from Sam Ash after playing the FG730S and I'm kind of disappointed with it.

The sound was a little too bass-y for me. I had to really hit the strings hard to get a decent sound out of it. Maybe I should look into some Alvarez acoustics

But as of right now, it looks like I'm gonna have to try a FG700S.