Myself and two friends have recently started a band. All three of us play guitar, one of my friends has a lower voice than myself and the other, i have a pretty good range, and my second friend got singing lessons and the whole deal so not only does he have a good range, but his voice his higher than both of ours. So, we could do harmonies if need be.

The breakdown of the vocals of our group is pretty much like this:

friend 1 (lower voice)- sings low-key songs with unvarying tones in the vocals
myself- sings almost anything except metal etc.
friend 2 (high voice)- sings jason mraz, Drake Bell, Musical style songs very well.

All three of us can play guitar well but as of now with no bassist and drummer, we're going for a 70's style trio. Ive heard in the 70's acoustic duos and trios were very popular, and we can fit the mold perfectly. We will include, but we are not limited to 70s and 60s songs.

So what are some acoustic songs we should try out?
prehaps 1 person plays bass?
by a octave pedal and see who does better with the basslines then make him do it????

mabey you could play wish you were here
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Viscara (my band)
cover some alice in chains. they have great vocal harmonies
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