I need some advice, I have no experience with portable effects processor boxes so...

I'm moving overseas, I can't lug an amp over to where I'm going. I know the Tonelab is around $400 but I'm willing to spend double that if there's something better. I want something good for medium - heavy distortion and different types of thicker rock tones. This is what I can run:

LTD EC500 -> ????Portable Effects???? -> Sennheiser headphones

Suggestions? Or can I do something better than this setup considering that it needs to not include an amp.
Vox Tonelab has the best tone of any multi effects processor under a couple thousand dollars
Boss gt8 is built for effects and has unlimited customization available
Line 6 XT Live is a great plug in play effects processor with lots of effects but it doesn't have the cutomization of the gt8 or the tone of the tonelab
There is also the line 6 X3 but from what i hear it is made like crap so i personally wouldn't get it. also boss has come out with a GT10 but i know next to nothing about it so no opinion

My favorite is the gt8 but depending on what you need the line 6 of the tone lab might be better for you
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You could maybe get a normal Pod, if you don't need it for playing live. Pods are meant to have the best amp modelling, although I haven't heard the Tonelab.
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