If I am understanding you correctly, it is backbowed. A simple truss rod adjustment should do it. Some people will tell you to take it to hte shop, and thats always sound advice, but it aint rocket science. You want to loosen your truss rod (counterclockwise). Only turn it in small increments, i would say an eigth to a quarter turn at a time. Let it set for a while then recheck......Google Guitar and bass set ups for more details
or check the FAQ
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if you mess with your truss rod i suggest you turn it an 8th to a 1/4 turn like suggested above and let it sit for at least an hour if not 2 inbetween adjustments. this lets the neck settle into place cuz if you adjust too much at once it can potentially crack the neck. you'd probably have to go gung-ho on it for that but i'd rather be cautious than replace a neck. how bout you?

Anyways, if you are playing it does the way theneck is bending cause the headstock to be closer to you than if your neck were a straight line. or is it the other way around. if the headstock is bent toward you you will want to tighten the truss rod(clockwise) and if it's away from you it will need lossened(counterclockwise) remember that when the strings are on it the tension of the strings should cause the neck to bow away from you. that's good. it should be bent a little bit that way.

if it happens to just sort of have a sudden lump bend or something in the middle there's probably no fixing it. but that's pretty rare and doesn't tend to happen in any neck with a truss rod because it would have to bend the steel rod too.
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hmm, adjusting the truss rod is a good idea, but get a guitar shop to do it for you, just in case, 'cause they've done it before
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my bass neck is bent. its like curving towards the strings round the middle. what do i do?

Have you fitted a new set of strings that are of a lighter gauge than the previous set?

If you release tension on the truss rod 1/4 of a turn tune the bass a semitone sharp and play for a short while (just minutes) check the neck, if it need more repeat the process, there should be a very slight inwards bow after the final adjustment.
If you change you string gauge you will usualy have to adjust the truss rod, I always measure my strings with an old imperial Micrmetre so that I know what to sak for when replacing my strings
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