Dude that was pretty cool...better than the video of you and your bud jamming. Your kinda suffering from the same habit I have. You solo from measure to measure and you land on the root note to often. IMO your ahead of the curve and sound darn good but dont hang out so much in one spot it tends to get a little drawn out. You did slow it down a couple times but try to do that even more.

I wish I had your skills at that age...oh wait I wasnt even allowed to play guitar at your age...

BTW put the guitar down and clean your room.
If you check my profile song please leave a comment on any part.....THANKS!!!
This jam is - as are your others - quite impressive. You play quite fluidly, quite fluently, proficiently. That which would most improve it, in my opinion, is a better recording! Are you using the mic in a camcorder?
Thank you so much guys! That really makes me feel good! Yeah my room is a mess! I'll get to it!
Yeah we are using the mic on the camera. I have a Boss Br-600 digital recording studio, but it was quicker to just record with the camera. Next time Ill do a professional recording.

Thanks again!