Well basically, i want a nice heavy sound. a melodeath sound when i play guitar.
So i put distortion quite high, now as expected individual notes become crunched together (it sounds nice, it sounds heavy) but is it the best method?

If you want a heavy sounds from your guitar, and your tuning and playing style is ok, then what level should distortion be on? id like sounds from guitars like in machine head, dimmu borgir, divine heresy, celtic frost, you get the idea.

any advice or your opinions would be very appreciated. my amp is a beringer cube 60
Lots of bands in the heavier metal genre's (i.e. Black, Death, etc) are downtuned somewhat, so that adds to their level of "heavy". E-flat down to D-standard are decent for a heavy sound. But as you were asking about amp settings, all I can say is keep the gain high. Turn the bass up to around 7-9 and the trebble at about 5-6. Keep the mid around 5. No reverb of course, no effects at all. Those're the basics of it. At higher volumes, everything sounds heavier, so keep that in mind while you're playing.
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