Every Time I Touch My Guitar It Gets Fingerprints Its There Any Way I Can Stop That? Plz Its Annoying
keep touching the fretboard instead of the body? it happens man, but you should make a soft cloth like a baby diaper/polishing cloth part of your kit so you can wipe it down when you're done anyway.
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clean your guitar after you play man

just a nice microfibre cloth does good (those cloths used for car detailing)
and then the occasional polish

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Always wash your hands before playing, and wipe down the guitar after playing. It'll keep it shiny and the strings'll last a little longer.
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put it in a bucket of water


Not really, but it's hard to stop visible fingerprints on certain colours of guitar e.g. black guitars. But to stop it feeling grimey make sure your hands are nice and clean before playing.
i like to wipe my guitar with a slightly wet cloth and run a dry cloth over the surface right after it...and later use another cloth and rub guitar poslish all over the guitar...i only do this on week ends,and on week days...i don't really care...just wipe it clean with a dry cloth?

and yeah..hold it by the neck...and try not to touch the body? wash your hands if they are dirty...duh..