Hi to everybody, i have a question for you:

I'm a guitarist, i have a fender bassman 50 head 4ohms output, 60 watts circa and a mesaboogie 1x12 cab with electrovoice black shadows 200 watts 8ohms.
Does the ohms difference can give serious problems to the head?
should i buy a 100 watt head to let run wild my mesa cab?
please, please.....answer me....i'm in trouble..
thx a lot
you can plug it in and it will work but it will be quieter than it should be and it will also shorten the life of the head. To be honest i don't reccomend it unless it's really nessisary you have an amp right now.

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It'll be fine. The fender output transformers can handle a 100% change without any problem so you could go into an 8ohm cab or a 2 ohm cab. You can't go into a 16ohm cab. If you do go into an 8ohm cab you will find that you blow power tubes faster, but as long as you don't play with your amp cranked for hrs at a time, you will be fine.
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