Basically, I'm looking for reviews, etc.
Any problems anyone has had?
Any good news?

Just chat.

I got the 2GB version, with video, pics, radio, etc.
Gore AND Core; unite!
well if you have it why do you need a review? reviews are for reading before you get something

EDIT: www.google.com , philips gogear review
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You're meant to read reviews before you buy something.
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Crikey guys, there's no rules to reviews!
And I only got it tonight, I'm charging it, it was bought for me.
I haven't even used it yet.

THAT'S why I want reviews.
And opinions, and whatever.
Gore AND Core; unite!
They seem OK. A little out dated by now, I'd have thought. I remember them being around when I first got an MP3 a couple years ago.