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A friend of mine turned to me and shouted at me when I picked up my guitar and played a chord:

Friend - "D major, every ****ing time you pick up a guitar!"
Me - "What?"
Friend - "Everytime, why, why do you do that?"
Me - "Take the guitar..."
*he takes the guitar and begins fingering a chord...*
*without looking and before he plays anything...*
Me - "A minor!"
Friend - "How the hell did you know that?"
Me - "Everyone does it and I know 'Ain't Talking 'Bout Love' was the first song you ever learnt, and Wanted DOA was mine!"
Friend - "You're full of **** you know that?" I?

What chord do you play? And is it the opening of the first song you learnt?
I always use G major I think, but it wasnt from the first song I learnt, I haven't played that in ages, I think its from knocking on heavens door.
I use E minor because it's so easy and you strike across all strings.
the exact same thing happened to me. my friend told me that i always lay E major every time i pick up a guitar. I just do it without thinking.
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Always a D major for me.
I learned A before it but I guess I just like the sound of D.
Em, simply because I can check if the guitar's in tune easier.
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It's a good way to start your ear training. The first chord you play tends to be one you can pick out from ear quite easy. That's how I started way I go around telling unsuspecting and wary bathroom goers at bars and public toilets what note the hand dryer blows at.....
I normally do some variety of harmonic minor run ending with wide vibrato, or a G
G major, C major or D major. The first thing I always do is play out the basic chords of Knockin' On Heaven's Door, starting on one of those three (G for the original Bob Dylan or Clapton or GnR cover versions, C for Avril Lavigne's version, D for Bon Jovi's version). I don't know why I do, I just always start off playing the basics of that song.

The exception is if I pick up a 12-string, where it should be law that the very first thing you do is play Wanted Dead Or Alive.
I usually play whatever i havebeen practicing whether its a solo, riff, or just some cool cord progression
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This thread I mean. I am a D maj G maj or C Maj .....
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I never really do the same chord when I pick up a guitar, I usually just do some improvised solos to start me off.
I always play D Major, D Minor Barre chord at the 5th fret, and G7 when I pick up my guitar. It's just a habbit.
i allways go C major - A minor - E minor - G Major - E minor because im weird
I dunno how it is called but here it is

e ---
B -8-
G -7-
D -5-
A -6-
E ---

I don't know where I got it from but I love it :p
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I was end up using either Dmin or Cmaj...two of my favorite simple name chords.
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If I'm sad I play a D Minor...
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Interesting... I don't play a particular chord every tiem I pick up a guitar, but when I tune it up, I strum through the 4 main "Polly" (Nirvana) chords... and it was the first song I learned ( about 12 years ago)...
the first three chords of The Wind Cries Mary
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Usually D.

Something like:


I like sus chords..
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G major Knocking on Heavens Door opening Chord.
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