what brand is really the best by quality? I use DR brand, but is that any good?
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I would say the A string is probably the best...

I was gunna go with the G string joke...
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I think I'm about to get some of those...I was about to search for a thread asking if they were really as good as people say they are.
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Rotosound and/or D'Addario's for thy win peeps
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Ernie Balls till the day I die. Or until I make enough money to be able to afford to take the risk of experimenting.
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yeah i use the balls of ernie too ... hybrid slinky to be precise
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Elixirs, but they are expensive. The cheapest I have seen are £8.

Gibson brite wires are good too.
Thomastik-Infeld. Hard to find, expensive, but outlast all others I've tried by a long shot and sound better longer.
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I would say the A string is probably the best...

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Ernie Balls (Slinky top heavy bottom for me) or Snake Oil.
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ernie ball are the best if you want a warm tone
d´addario are the best if you want a bright tone

in my opinion
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Ernie Ball makes the best string for tone by far IMO
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I tried a couple of Elixirs before. Can't deny the quality being very good. But the price tag kills the pleasure.
Tried Ernier with lower pricetag and heck! I like it better!
Rotosound are my favourites.

You even get an extra 1st string for free.....