Ok I have a Zoom GFX-8 which has a built in tuner and I get the impression that it's not brilliant. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if I need a new tuner which is more accurate (as I have ordered a guitar with an edge pro bridge and my guitar at the moment doesnt have a double locking trem) Or if this tuner will be ok. If I do need a new tuner what should I get, I dont want to spend a lot of money but I just want to be able to tune my guitar accurately?
hey man. i have the same pedal.. i feature no problems with the tuner so can u just tell me why is it so inaccurate.. and also can u check if the hertz equal the standard tuning which is 440 any more or less will make ur guitar sound out of tune as it will be getting tuned to another note
I didnt say it was out of tune, I meant to say that I didn't think it was that accurate considering its just a built in tuner. How do I check the hurtz?
Thats good, thanks, I have the manual somewhere but I don't understand any of it :S