I'm upgrading my rig.

I used the George L's .155 cables for the pedal board. These are the choice wires for this application as they are small in diameter, very flexible and are easily put together (solder-less ).

However, 2 things....

I need to run cabling from:

1. the peal board to the rack Fx unit, then back to the pedal board's amp switcher
2. then from the pedal board amp switcher back to the amps

Lots of cable here.

Are the George L's .155 or the larger version the 'choice' cables for this app or is there a better, more rugged and hopefully less costly cable alternative? Also cable sources would be appreciated.

Thanks All.
George L's are good for pedalboards because they are flexible and easy to cut to the right length, and don't need to ever be unplugged. However, for all your cables that will be moved around when setting up or taking down your rig, you'll want something more heavy-duty. I personally like Planet Waves cables. They're tough, sound great, and have a lifetime warranty.