There is a good sticky for the guitars under $300. A good tread for starters.
But can you suggest me some good/famous/approved acoustics (steel string) under $1000?
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Check Larrivee or Breedlove

Nice! I was waiting for an answer like Martin/Seagull/Takamine!
Martin is a nono unless you can get a 15 series under $1000. the 15 series all mahogany guitars is where the good martins start. anything with HPL is generally not worth the money. you're essentially buying a musically modified kitchen counter with the texture of drywall.

Larrivee, breedlove and alvarez gets rave reviews for their under $1000 guitars. I generally don't like Larrivees, but i know for sure that they're solid guitars. they're not for me, but hey, maybe they're for you.

Takamines are very well mannered sounding guitars. they generally quiet, but plugged in are great.

Seagull is amazing. i think thats enough said.

Guild GAD - If i had under $1000. this is DEFINITELY what i would buy. It sounds a bit like taylor in brightness and is well built. sounds great. plays well. fishman electronics too i believe. you cant go wrong with this one.
I doubt it, but if youre talking Australian dollars, the Cole Clark FL1 is the best guitar you can buy for $1000 give or take in my opinion.
definatly check for used guitars in pawn shops or local music stores. Some of the best acoustics that I've ever played were made in the mid 90s for over $1000 but have been reduced to at least $600 by now.
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If you're talking USD, every guitar that's listed on my sig fits that description.

In addition, the following are good choices:

- Ovation Balladier
- Yamaha AXP/CXP 900 series
- Any Crafter with solid englemann spruce top
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I just found this one in a local store, really like it. I am seriously considering buying it, my only reservation is my skills currently don't deserve it.
Nonsense. A nice guitar will motivate you to play more, thereby improving your skills. Better to get something that you'll grow into, rather than buying a guitar of less quality that you'll possibly outgrow.
i agree. it's not if you "deserve" it or not. it's about buying a good quality guitar. if you can afford it, buy it. A beautiful sounding guitar can motivate you to just pick it up and play.