I've been playing the guitar for a little over 3 years and im 15 now and I can play quite a bit but I can't seem to be able to play any fast stuff. I know my theory as im taking grades and I just passed grade 5 but I was wondering if anyone could tell me some good things to do to actually improve my guitar playing and speed. I can finger tap quite well but I can't sweep pick brilliantly. I just really want to get better and I am willing to put in the work if it is there but I don't know what to do?
I'm 14 and i played 2 years (: and i have grade 5 theory too

but guitar techniques barely have anything to do with theory! If you wanna sweep pick faster, practice slowly with a metronome, then try faster and faster. Never do it at a speed you're not able to. And be patient!!! Don't give up, keep practicing!
hmm, well yeah, learning the fancy picking methods like economy picking and sweep picking well help

only way to do it tho is as above, just learn a song with a metronome, start slow and keep increasing the metronome speed, making sure you can play it before uping it
if you want speed, try to find "cyclic patterns"* and play them till your right hand hurts(stop playing as it hurts, I think you should heard of it ) and when it startes to hurt do legato licks** with your left hand, while your right hand "rests".and when it starts hurting start with the cyclic patterns.

I am just a beginner but at least for me that did work.When I have 5 minutes to play(for example before I go to school in the morning) I "hurt" my arms and then I put the guitar down.

And run up and down on a 3 notes-per-string scale with the economic picking(its the one which you combine sweep and upanddown picking right?)if you get used to it you can play very fast the 3notesperstring licks.

this could be the worse technic ever, I don't know though :S

* like;

------------5--7--5----------------(you must do it over and over)

the ones who strentghten your pinky and the ring finger are the best cuz they need to be strenghten
Well I have pretty strong fingers and I can economy pick rather well but is there a particular song that is good for learning sweep picking, maybe one the is not too fast and is relatively easy and I can work my way up to faster songs with more notes but I think that would be an easy way to learn it because I wouldn't just be playing a boring arpegio I would actually be playing a fun song?
just start with three strings



pick all down then all up, but start slowly, like 60bpm, then once you can do that cleanly and with ease slowly increase the speed, once you are playin faster then start to add strings, learn arpeggios and sweep them, also lift your frettin finger once you have picked the string to kill the note to make it sound less like a chord... hope that helped

good luck

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There's a lesson on sweep picking somewhere on UG.TV. Just take it slowly, and have patience. I don't with sweeping, and I keep giving up on it, but I wish I did have the patience.