Just have a quick question, after ive been playing my ibanez rg1570 for a while, especially if i have to change a string, the trem tends to point downwards. Usually i adjust it by tightening the springs, but its gotton to the point where its very difficult to tighten them anymore without stripping the screws.

Firstly, is this the appropriate method to adjust the angle of the trem, and secondly, is there any other way of adjusting it without tightening the springs?

Thanks heaps for your advice
Your problem is probably that you have a few strings too tight to start with, so you have to tighten the others to match. Loosen the screws, but loosen the strings too, and find a balance point.
If you're simply changing a string then you don't need to do anything. Just leave the bridge alone, provided you use the same gauge string the bridge will end up level once the new string is in tune.
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