I'm liking the acoustic intro. Cool licks and the tone is nice. I have to be honest and say I don't really like vocals. Quite a few pitch issues and the voice is somehow irritating. The electric guitar fills are a nice touch. All in all, cool melodies and songwriting but the vocals need more work.

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Its quite cool song. Vocals are a bit quiet at times. I really liked your guitar solo one or 2 dud notes but nothing major. Your guitar playing is really original and is constantly interesting which is all good.

Overall a good tune.


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charlie- there is a lot of signal noise from your mic in the intro, also the guitar clips when you play the root notes. some of the harmonisation was a little off key when you set off but within a beat you get where you want to be. loving the solo at 3:50 although you did play the same phrase 3 times over witout variation, maybe just a minor variation or added note on the second or third runthrough? it was also a little harsh on the ears, tone it down a bit.
alienation- like the way this song builds up, the bass drum is very loose sounding, with a bit of tightening that whole kit would sound really good. again the electric guitar is a little harsh, i prefer the way this one is written to the other one i like the chords more and just the general feel of it. the vocals get a bit drowned out maybe consider bringing them up a bit? overall charlie gets a 7, alienation gets an 8.5
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Quite a good rough draft, you've got a nice voice, sounds good, Well put together song, well done backing vocals, not huge into the lyrics. Solo sounds good, though it's pretty heavy gain wise. The bit where it's doubled works very well. Good job overall, you've got a decent hook there, and a good groove.

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