I'll record my first solo-video soon
And I need advice from you.. I have a marshall amp mg series 15 cdr.

I once found a topic here(I think) that contains the settings of many guitarists but I can't seem to find it again, and it had properties that don't exist on my amp so.. help me thanks
you need a good pedal with slight distortion to get a nice sustain.
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get a new amp, and then use searchbar for ultimate settings thread
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throw your amp away, get a new one and then plug it into the port named se- archbar

edit: sry my first searchbar joke, i'm proud now
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whoa is my amp that bad :/ ? how much costs the amps you mentioned. This is my second amp and I bought it thinking it was good. and my guitar is cort x-6 I don't have much money to spend on the gear since I am a student :P

edit: oh better than price, you can tell the names and I'll search for them
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get a new amp, and then use searchbar for ultimate settings thread

Not very helpful, I did a lot of searching and found nothing under 'Ultimate settings' so please if you are going to come out with such comments at least supply the link to back up your argument.

Did find this eventually, I hope it helps, plus really yes your amp is pants, sorry but I was nearly tempted by a Marshall MG however I listened to advice and did some research, ended up with a Vox Valvetronix.


Edit, sorry forgot to post the link.
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try the roland microcube. or even better play through your computer with guitar rig.