I tried searching for it, but I didn't quite know what to search with. Anyways, just a quick question, how do I know if I can burn DVD-R? I got some -R once, because they were cheaper, but when I tried one of them it didn't work. So now I don't know if it just didn't work for some reason or if I can't burn -R/-RW at all. What is the differenece between - and + anyways?

When I take out the thingie on my computer so I can put in a cd, and also burn one (yeah, I know, great English haha), it has that Compact Disc logo, then under it, it says "rewritable" and on the side of it, there is "Ultra speed" and a big + and then on the side there's a DVD logo, with a R/RW under it and another box with "RW" in it and "DVD + R DL" under it. There are no -, does that mean I can't burn them? My computer is a year or two and aren't most computers able to burn them?

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What software are you using to burn DVD's? Because according to the labels on your optical drive and my minimal knowledge of these symbols, you should be able to burn DVDs.

I do know that you can't just burn, say avi files, onto a DVD as data and expect it play in a DVD player. I use Nero Vision to burn (author?) my DVD files - you just choose which video files to convert, customize the menu, if you want to have one that is, and then it automatically converts the video into the TS_VIDEO folder which, I think contains those vob files. All I know is that it works. I recommend getting some version of Nero, I'm using 7.5.something.

A quick search came up with these sites, may be helpful:

Edit: I just read the links and found out that the + and - symbols stand for different formats, meaning if you have a drive that has +/-, then you can burn both formats of DVDs or else you need to buy format specific DVDs for you burner, in your case that would be the + DVDs.

I know that the DL stands for dual layer if you're wondering, these DVDs can hold about 8.5GBs of data, but I've never tried burning them.
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