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Blatantly pinched from Musician Talk...

Which pro bassist would you most want a lesson from if you could have two hours with anyone? Living or dead if you like...and give reasons of course!

hoping I don't get 20 posts all saying Jaco, Wooten and Flea
just to annoy you...


love the guy
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Stu Hamm

Because I want to improve on my tapping technique.
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stu hamm, i'd love to learn how to tap and slap musically
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I'm not just saying this to annoy you, but Wooten, because he's a good teacher.(apperently)
Jason Newsted

edit: whym you say? because he has the most incredible style. He's a beast.
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Victor Wooten or John Patitucci. Their knowledge of the instrument is amazing.
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Pete wentz, honestly.

Because id like to learn a lot of FOB songs plus in my opinion pete wentz is good.

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Rex Brown or John Paul Jones.
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Either Justin Chancellor, Stefan Lessard, or John Myung.

They all have great technique with drummers, which is definately what I need to improve on.
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I'd have to say Tim Commerford, more for the lesson on gear than on actual technique (though I think he's better than people give him credit for).
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Stu Hamm

Because I want to improve on my tapping technique.

Agreed, 100%
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John Myung... mainly because I rarely play bass anymore AND I never take the time to study any theory. When it comes to theory there's no person in the world i'd rather be taught by than a member of Dream Theater

Oh, and since the question was which pro bassist would you most want a lesson from I guess maybe Regi Wooten would be a good choice too. I mean, he's the guy who tought Victor how to play in the first place so he must've done SOMETHING right

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Donald "Duck" Dunn or Bruce Thomas because they have both played big parts in how I've developed my playing and they write some fantastic bass lines. Dunn did fantastic work for Stax records and did some really funky stuff, and Thomas just amazes me at how he introduced reggae an funky influences into new-wave songs for Elvis Costello AND made it work.
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Donald "Duck" Dunn or Bruce Thomas

Argh...I was trying to think of who to go for myself but your choices are so damn tasteful that I can't think of anything better now. DAMN YOU!
Scott la Faro or NHOP, just for l33t jazzness.
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John Myung.
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Robert Trujillo. I just really like his style. A lot of people might disagree with me though.
Roger Waters.
I'd love to learn more on the theory of composition with a bass, and for me, he'd be the one to do it.
Plus, I want to know how he does "Sheep" with a pick. The opening, at least.
And I semi-idolize him.
a lot.
Steve Harris - teach me how to fingerpick,
Mark Hoppus - How to play punk rock... and play fun...
Plus, I want to know how he does "Sheep" with a pick. The opening, at least.
And I semi-idolize him.
a lot.

Not to burst your bubble, but on the Animals tour Snowy White used to play that intro, rather than Waters, and very possibly Gilmour recorded it on the studio version.
But a lesson from Waters would be fun, definitely. Either him or John Entwistle.
Stu Hamm. tap plz.

I wouldn't mind one from Flea, not saying he's the best bassist ever, I just really love his basslines and wouldn't mind playing basslines like he does
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flea or Paul McCartney!
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I'd say maybe Chris Wolstenholme from Muse, maybe he doesn't have the greatest technique ever but I'd love to find out how he came up with such awesome riffs. OK, so that really wouldn't be a lesson, more a talk.

For a lesson, Mic Todd from Coheed and Cambria, to show me how to fit the pocket so well, but play some awesome grooves and fills. Also, I think he is one of the best modern bassist who plays to the drums so well.
hmm....cliff burton...or john paul jones....

maybe flea but more so jsut to see if he is really as over rated as eryone says he is, see what he can actually do

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Rocco Prestia or Duck Dunn. Like Indie, I am a big fan of those old Stax bass lines. I still cruise the Stax website, rumour has it he DOES teach master classes on occasion.

And I just love Prestia's take on finger style funk. Going to see ToP each summer is a must for me. And he's a very approachable and warm human being to boot.
maybe flea but more so jsut to see if he is really as over rated as eryone says he is, see what he can actually do

Strangely enough, it is possible to see what Flea is capable of. There's a few CDs he appears on, he plays gigs occasionally, and he might just have jammed on stage from time to time.

Victor Wooten, Geddy Lee, Steve Harris, Cliff Burton...

Geddy could teach me to sing and play at the same time.
Not to be arsey... but my current teacher. His name is Dave Marks and is a respected UK bassist, writes the style files for Bass Guitar Magazine and teaches at the Insitute of Contemporary Music.

I've been through a few teachers who were fantastic musicians, but werem't great teachers (Just like most lecturers, they are good at what they do, but aren't taught how to teach).

This guy is a fantastic teacher. He has a really good awareness and has a great ability to communicate ideas and point out your faults in way to improve them. If anyone lives anywhere near West London, I without a doubt recommend him. Slightly pricey at £30, but worth every penny. He will also give you music, drum tracks and writes his own pdf sheet music for you. This is not to mention he is a really chilled out dude, no ego whatsoever.

He's also got some free YouTube lessons covering some basic stuff.

But as for someone famous... I would go for Victor Wooten. I really like his teaching philosophy comparing learning how to play music, to learning how to speak. I had been thinking similar ideas for a little while, but the way he spelled them out was fantastic.
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Dave Marks? I've been on his site and read some of his articles in magazines he seems like he'd be a really good teacher.

For an all star celeb lesson though I'd go with Paul Simonon, I wouldn't let him touch my Fender though
If I was gonna learn tapping, I'd go with Jean Baudin.

For bass/music stuff in general, probably Cliff Burton.
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